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Photography & Stills

I am predominantly a filmmaker but given how much I love capturing heartfelt moments; it lends itself quite nicely to photography too. You deserve your photos to be in the style you want to treasure forever - after all they will last your lifetime.

Please find below options for adding photography to your wedding day; from using myself and my team to my recommended suppliers. I even can provide stills taken from your films -  either digitally, in print or in albums (for when you just NEED those other angles).

 Photography Options Available

Co-ordinated by Victoria Louise

In the event you would like to deal with one supplier for both photo & film - I am able to accommodate this for you; creating ease and consistency in your wedding memories. Both myself and my trusted team are able to capture your day and deliver a range of products, from your films & photos to prints & albums. See examples of our photography here.

Recommended Suppliers

I have had the pleasure of working with some fabulous wedding suppliers, not least of all photographers. I have a selection of joint packages available with varying styles here or can point you in the right direction dependant on your style and budget.

Create your own dream team

You've found your own photographer - amazing. You deserve the style you want for your day and I can't wait to meet another creative in the industry. I'm not someone who advices against working with new people; in fact I enjoy it. It's all of your suppliers' professional duty to work collaboratively to deliver the best day possible and I have yet to meet a photographer who I didn't end up having a great day at work with (hence why I recommend so many!)


Film Stills

Professional photography is a must. But given how advance cameras have become - there are times when stills taken from your wedding videos can create some stunning photogenic moments. I have been able to offer some of my couples stills digitally or even in an album. Please see some of the albums here. 

in field.jpg
confettit end_edited.jpg

A selection of  stills taken from Victoria Louise Films


Laura & Jonathan - Film & Photography organised through Victoria Louise

Testimonial from Laura & Jonathan

link to their gallery

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