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Carefully crafted, emotional films

Hi I'm Victoria and I'm here to capture one of THE most important days of your life - your wedding day.




Ask anyone who has ever had a wedding; the day goes by so fast and in a blur that remembering the moments can becoming hazy. Not only do I have the pleasure of being able to show you those faces again as they watched you walk down the aisle, or hear the vows spoken by your loved one but I get to craft an evocative film that gives you the atmosphere of your wedding day, to relive over and over again. Your most precious memories : preserved. And I certainly feel very privileged to do that for you.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

I started filming weddings 5 years ago alongside working in TV and very soon realised this brought me more joy as a job than anything else, so I now concentrate on my couples full time, taking on only a select number of weddings per year.


I like to say my style is 80% documentary and 20% elegant styling. This means I try to find the right mix of quietly capturing natural moments as they unfold but also knowing when to organise a beautiful shot of your dress in the window next to your designer shoes, or getting that footage of you both walking in front of the sunset. 

'Documentary Filming, Dramatic Films.'


Piecing together these details: the glancing looks, words of promises, laughter amongst friends, tears from granny, the floral backdrop - I get to tell your story in the most sentimental way I can.



When I'm not at weddings you can find me in my recently but not 100% finished, renovated home (if you've done a renovation from stripped back brick walls I take my hat off to you!) with my beautiful family: my husband, my very energetic toddler (we call her our little whirlwind), my newest addition -  our newborn baby girl and our boy...the dog. Yes he is our third child and I completely welcome any dogs at weddings!

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